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New PDF release: A New Perspective on Nonmonotonic Logics

By Dov M. Gabbay, Karl Schlechta

ISBN-10: 3319468154

ISBN-13: 9783319468150

ISBN-10: 3319468170

ISBN-13: 9783319468174

In this ebook the authors current new effects on interpolation for nonmonotonic logics, summary (function) independence, the Talmudic Kal Vachomer rule, and an equational answer of contrary-to-duty tasks. The bankruptcy on formal development is the conceptual center of the ebook, the place the authors mix the guidelines of different types of nonmonotonic logics and their research of 'natural' options right into a formal good judgment, a distinct preferential building that mixes formal readability with the intuitive benefits of Reiter defaults, defeasible inheritance, idea revision, and epistemic considerations.

It is appropriate for researchers within the quarter of machine technological know-how and mathematical logic.

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Rn }, and such that X ⊆ A ⊆ Y , of course. Formulated this way, our approach, the problem and its solution, has two trivial generalisations: • for multi-valued logics we take the Cartesian product of more than just {t, f }; • φ may be the hypothesis and ψ the consequence, but also vice versa; there is no direction in the problem. g. preferential logics. The main result for the situation with X ⊆ Y is that there is always such a semantical interpolant A. We explain and quote the result for the many-valued case.

The Kal Vachomer rule is a rule for principled guessing of an unknown value. First, we quote an example of this rule from the Bible, as described in Abraham et al. 5 A bull can do damage in two ways. It can trample something with its feet or it can use its horns. g. a public road or a private garden). The amount of compensation paid depends on these features. 5, but there is no information on horn action in a private place. The Talmud tries to abduce it from above information by the reasoning: horn action is worse than foot action, and private place is worse than public place; the worse the situation, the bigger the compensation should be.

The set penguins will have the valid default “not fly”. 1. (3) The sets to which defaults are attached determine the basic hierarchy. g. penguins are more exceptional than birds, etc. 4. (4) Elements of a set, which are not in any subset to which new defaults are attached, may satisfy all defaults valid for this set, or not. In the first case, they “sit” at the place of the set in the basic hierarchy. In the second case, they are very exceptional, as we have no standard reason why they should be exceptional.

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A New Perspective on Nonmonotonic Logics by Dov M. Gabbay, Karl Schlechta

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