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A Sumerian Reader (Studia Pohl) - 2nd edition - download pdf or read online

By Konrad Volk

ISBN-10: 8876536108

ISBN-13: 9788876536106

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O. M. ) 90 me 1. (baStim) 2. (mti; parsum) me-lig(-m) (melemmum) mi (sinniitum) (dumu-)mi (&)mi (nig-)mi-(6s-sQ min (Sina) mu 1. (Sumum) 2. -ta mulen 1. (&arum) 2. na ([in alamln-na(-ni-lh)] abnum) na-gada (naqidum) na-n5-a (nartim) (ma-)na General Vocabulary General Vocabulary to be divine power that makes the institutions of heaven and earth function (see G. : to name (someone); said about the ruler chosen by the divinity) (royal) inscription to name; to give as name the following year year-x (indicates a date according to a notable event that took place during the year) to make grow to (let) shine morning offering (see J.

Destroyed during ~ u ~ i nthird kar-silim-ma (28: 19): "Quay of Well-being"; located at Zimbir. kar-za-gin (24 iii 6): "Lapis-lazuli Quay" or "Pure Quay"; located at kA-sur-ra. kar-zi-da (27: 15): 'The True Quay". At Ur, the location of the dip= where Nanna's enpriestess lived. ki-en-gi(-r) ("kegir): "Native Land". The Sumerian name for their land (see C. ; P. Steinkeller, HANEIS 5, 112, note 9; H. Mitt. ). ki-lagabki (29: 17): The city-state of LagaS, whose chief settlements where LagaS, dirsu and Nina(-Sirara); see M.

Pa5-ku(-g) 121 v 41: "Pire canal"; located near Nina . For particulars about each place see the appropriate entry in RGTC 1 and 2. II I SACRED BUILDINGS 6-dgh-tum-dulo(-g)[21 ii 223: "~atumdu'stemple", located in Iriku in Girsu (Gazetteer, n. 1314). a-hug (21 i 20): Syllabic writing of 6-huS, "Fearsome House". Ningirsu's sanctuary built by Enmetena (Gazetteer, n. 491). 6-gal-ti-ra-hH (18 i 8): "Palace of TiraS". Ningirsu's sanctuary dating to at least the time of UmanSe (Gazetteer, n. 1097). AB, as in 37:24; but in 36:20 it is written ab-zu.

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A Sumerian Reader (Studia Pohl) - 2nd edition by Konrad Volk

by Kenneth

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