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By Julius Stieglitz

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N. N. Vyshinskii, T. 1. Ermolaeva, V. N. Latyaeva, A. N. Lineva, and N. E. Lukhton, Doklady Akad. Nuuk S . S . R . , 1971, 198, 1081. E. A. Deardorff. Diss Abs. (B). 1971. 31. 5236. K. Issleib, G. Wille, and F. Krech, Angew. Chem. Internat. , 1972, 11, 526. r. '29 2 Zirconium and Hafnium Introduction. -The fifth ionization potential of zirconium has been re-evaluated as ca. 13'. 13' A text describing the analytical chemistry of zirconium and hafnium has been ~ u b l i s h e d , and ' ~ ~ the methods of separation of these two elements have been r e ~ i e w e d .

R. r. r. spectra of Zr(BH,), and Hf(BH,), have been found to have the same temperature dependence and this has been attributed to loB and "B quadrupolar spinlattice relaxation effects. -The chemical stability of the germanides Zr,Ge. Zr,Ge,, ZrGe. ZrGe,. 28 Alkyl and Related Compounds. The alkylzirconium trihalides, RZrX, (R = Me, Et, or Pr: X = C1 o r Br) have been prepared by treating ZrX, with R,Zn in toluene at 0 "C; the dialkylzirconium dihalides, R,ZrX, (R = Me or Et; X = C1 or Br) were obtained from these reactants in pyridine at 0°C.

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A Theory of Color Production II, Inorganic Compounds by Julius Stieglitz

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