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Download e-book for iPad: An Introduction to Counselling, Fifth Edition by John Mcleod

By John Mcleod

ISBN-10: 0335247229

ISBN-13: 9780335247226

This bestseller presents a complete advent to the idea and perform of counselling and psychotherapy.

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Cognitive change. The modification or replacement of irrational beliefs or maladaptive thought patterns associated with self-destructive behaviour. ● Behaviour change. The modification or replacement of maladaptive or self-destructive patterns of behaviour. ● Systemic change. , families) operate. ● Empowerment. Working on skills, awareness and knowledge that will enable the client to take control of his or her own life. ● Restitution. Helping the client to make amends for previous destructive behaviour.

For example, traditionally psychotherapy has been the term used in medical settings such as psychiatric units, and counselling the designation for people working in educational settings such as student counselling services. One of the difficulties with both of these positions is that each of them portrays counselling in a ‘little sister’ role in relation to psychotherapy. In the ‘clear distinction’ position, counselling is explicitly described as less effective. In the ‘no difference’ position, counselling is still placed in a lesser position, by dint of the fact that psychotherapy jobs are higher status and better paid than counselling posts, even when they involve doing equivalent work.

Counsellor is sufficient to make a real difference to them. Other people need to see their counsellor on a regular basis for months or years. These can be precious hours. Where else in our society is there the opportunity to be heard, taken seriously, understood, to have the focused attention of a caring other for hours at a time without being asked to give anything in return? Being a counsellor is also a satisfying and rewarding work role. There are times when, as a counsellor, you know that you have made a profound difference to the life of another human being.

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An Introduction to Counselling, Fifth Edition by John Mcleod

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